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Bold Print Shop, LLC

We are a product development and design company in Haverhill, Massachusetts. We are a team of makers, artists and tinkerers dedicated to working closely with our clients and delivering the best possible service.

What Do We Do?

Concept Design

Develop preliminary sketches, models and concepts to evolve your idea or product.

Interaction Design

Focus on user-centric design to create fun and easy-to-use products.


Create physical models and prototypes to test fit, form, and function. Realistic models are critical for getting real feedback from users.


Refine designs, consider assembly and manufacturing methods. Create realistic renderings and drawings.

Low-Volume Production

Use 3D-Printing and other tools to make your products on a small scale, from 5 to 5,000 units.


Detail, refine, and test specifications to assure the product will exceed expectations.

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